Season 2 Episode 20 The Evil Queen

Will the Evil Queen succeed in Killing Snow in her disguise? What do Tamara and Greg want with Hook? What is this Fail-safe Regina prepared with the Curse and will Emma find out the truth about Tamara? All this and more in this new discussion from José and Larissa of the Latest Episode of Once Upon A Time!



Season 2 Episode 19 Lacey

Will Rumple kill the thief and have Belle watch? Who is Lacey and will Gold be able to recover Belle’s memories? All this and more as Jose and Larissa review the latest Once Episode!



Season 2 Episode 18 Selfless Brave and True

How will August stop his transformation after finding out he is turning into wood? In the Present will he be able to redeem himself? Who is Tamara? All this and more is revealed in this episode of Once Upon a Time.


Season 2 Episode 17 Welcome To Storybrooke

What was it like when the Curse first hit Storybrooke? Will Regina kill Snow? How will Henry destroy magic? All this and more as Larissa and Jose review episode 17 of OUAT!



Season 2 Episode 16 The Millers Daughter

Will Emma, Neil and Henry be able to return Gold to storybrooke before he dies? Will Cora kill the Dark one? Will Snow Kill Cora? Who is the Miller’s Daughter? All this and more will be revealed as Larissa and Jose review this latest episode!



Season 2 Episode 15 The Queen Is Dead

How did Snow’s mother die? Will Neal go to Storybrooke with Gold? Will snow and David find Rumple’s dagger before Cora and Regina? All this and more as Larissa and Jose review the latest Once Upon a time Episode!




Once Upon a Time Roundtable 2

Fellow Podcasters meet once again for another video Roundtable. New discussions and new theories plus special guests.