03_03 Quite a Common Fairy Wonderland Trust Me

Whats is the history between Tink and Regina? How will Neil make it to Neverland? Will Operation Henry find Tink? All this and a review of Wonderlands episode Trust me from Jose and Larissa.



03_02 Lost Girl Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole

What does Emma need to know to find Henry? Is Snow leaving her kingdom? Does Alice really want to forget? Is Cyrus alive? What is the Red Queen and Jaffar’s plan for Alice? Find out as Jose and Larissa review both Once Upon a time and its spin-off Wonderland!



03_01 Heart of the Truest Believer

Who is the Home office? What does Pan want with Henry? Who will find Henry first? And is Neil alive? All this and so many questions are answered as Jose and Larissa review the Season Premiere of Once Upon a Time!



News and Season 2 Blu-ray review!

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Casting calls, News, possible theories, book recommendations and the Review of the Season 2 Blu-ray of Once Upon a Time. Also Graphic Novel Once -Shadow of the Queen releases on September 4th. Also the price of the Blu-ray has changed since this recording!

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Once Upon A Time Roundtable

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An Audio version of the Roundtable with other Once Upon a time Podcasters. Listen to our thought on the Season Finale and posible future theories!

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Season 2 Episode 22 And Straight On ‘Till Morning

Will Storybrooke be destroyed? What happened between Bae and Hook in Neverland? So many answers yet more Questions as José and Larissa discuss the season Finale of Once Upon a time!



Season 2 Episode 21 Second Star To The Right

After the Episode was recorded there were some Breaking News. I brought them at the beginning of the podcast. So how did Bae reach Wonderland? What do Tamara and Greg want with Regina? Will Greg finally find his father Kurt? All this and more as Jose and Larissa review the latest Once Episode!